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Natural Anti Androgen Foods in the Nature

Natural anti androgen food is useful for human life if they want to prevent androgen in the human body. An anti androgen, or androgen antagonist, is any of a group of hormone receptor antagonist compounds that are capable of preventing or inhibiting the biologic effects of androgens, male sex hormones, on normally responsive tissues in the body. Anti androgens usually work by blocking the appropriate receptors, competing for binding sites on the cell’s surface, obstructing the androgens’ pathway.

The administration of anti androgens in males can result in slowed or halted development or reversal of male secondary sex characteristics, reduced activity or function of the accessory male sex organs, and hypo sexuality (diminished sexual desire or libido). Sometimes as a part of a program for registered sex offenders recently released from prisons, the offender is administered anti androgen drugs to reduce the likelihood of repeat offending by reducing sexual drive, etc. You can find natural anti androgen foods in our nature. Most of them are produce by nature.

The best known plant for natural anti androgen food is 3, 3’-Diindolylmethane (DIM). It is very effective plant as an anti androgen. The next natural anti androgen food is spearmint tea. Spearmint tea has anti androgenic properties in females with hirsutism. Female may use this natural anti androgen food to prevent biologic effect of androgen. The third plant is scutellaria baicalensis which is also has anti androgenic properties. An herbal formula (termed KMKKT) containing Korean Angelica gigas Nakai (AGN) root and nine other oriental herbs have shown in vitro anti-androgen activity.

The last herb that is also including as natural anti androgen food is Pygeum africanum.  Pygeum africanum contains an anti androgenic compound atraric acid. Those are some natural anti androgen food that are quite effective and capable to prevent the biologic effects of androgen.

Description: Natural Anti Androgen Foods in the Nature
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