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The Names of Vitamins that Decrease Melanin

All of us want to have a better performance. Good performance means we will feel better. Today, we can easily find nonsurgical anti-aging products on the market, both online and offline. The products are including vitamins and herbal remedies. Each product contains different ingredients. The producers of the products claim that it can give good healthy skin without have to follow surgery. Among them, there are also vitamins that decrease melanin. The vitamins promised by its manufacturers as effective method to decrease melanin. As we know, melanin is a disturbing material that supports aging process. The vitamins are mentioned below.

Vitamin A. Retin A as the synthetic form of vitamin A exfoliates hyper pigmented dead layers of skin. It is supporting skin cell renewal. However, this product or vitamin can be so expensive. To consume it, we need to use official prescription also. This vitamin or product cannot be consumed by pregnant women. Second is vitamin C. This vitamin takes some roles on preventing skin pigmentation. This vitamin can be absorbed by the skin to non water-soluble molecules. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which means that it can be effectively protect the skin from ultra violet and photo aging. Among many vitamins that decrease melanin, vitamin C is one of the most popular.

The next is vitamin E. This vitamin is effective to protect the skin from radicals. It can also support skin renewal. Unfortunately, vitamin E does not reduce the melanin production; it just exfoliates hyper-pigmented dead skin layers. If it is combined with SPF-3, it will be a mild sunscreen. The last one is vitamin K. This vitamin reduces skin discolorations. Vitamin K will be absorbed to the capillaries. It can also eliminate dark circles around the eyes and heal bruises. vitamins that decrease melanin above will always able to protect our skin if used regularly in the right manner.

Description: The Names of Vitamins that Decrease Melanin
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